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(5/15/2013) ETSI
Creating Custom Designed Training Webinars

Custom Designed Webinars

ETS offers custom designed training webinars. Personalized training to fit your company's needs. Experts available during webinar to provide information and answer questions. A highly cost effective method to train personnel.

The advantages of custom designed webinar training include:

  • Cost Savings - No travel or accommodation costs. Pay only for the information you need.

  • Flexibility - Schedule to fit your availability.

  • Convenience - Work from home, office, or mobile device.

  • Feedback - Q+A sessions included. Immediate instructor support.

  • No lost time - No travel time.

  • Review - Webinar recordings can be made available for review


For more information, contact the

Webinar Coordinator:

ETS, Inc.

1401 Municipal Road, NW

Roanoke, VA 24012

Phone: (540) 265-0004

or send an email to :



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Contact Information:
Contact Name: Webinar Coordinator
Contact Phone: 540-265-0004
Contact Email: jmck@etsi-inc.com
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